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How To Prepare Your Home For Professional Pressure Washing

Professional pressure washing

As a homeowner, one of the best things you can do for your residence in Orlando is to give it a good house washing from a reliable pressure washing company. However, before you have us come out for a house washing session, we think you should look at the following tips for preparing your home for our arrival.

To set up a house washing session for your Orlando home, please call us at 407-840-4775.

Close All Doors And Windows

You don't want water or soap to accidentally get inside your home. Before we arrive, make sure that you've closed all your windows and doors and removed all window screens. We'll double-check before we start just to be sure. Better safe than sorry.

Keep Pets And Children Inside

Pressure washing equipment can be dangerous, which is why we're highly trained and experienced in using it. If your children and pets are outside during our session, they may get hurt. We implore you to please keep them inside throughout the entire house washing process. They'll be allowed to come back outside almost immediately after we're done.

Notify Your Neighbors

Your neighbors might be slightly confused if they see our team working on your property. You don't want them to call you in a panic, so it's a good idea to let them know ahead of time what we'll be doing. This way, we can work undisturbed, and you don't need to expect any worried phone calls.

Remove Objects That May Get In The Way

In order to properly wash your home, we'll need to be able to access every part without hindrance. Please remove potential obstacles, such as planters, lawn furniture, sports equipment, toys, and anything else that could get in our way. Please also make sure that gates are left unlocked.

Leave A Contact Number

We do a great job of conducting our business without disturbing you. However, in the unlikely event that there's an incident and we need to get in touch with you, we ask that you please leave us the best contact number. We will do our best to avoid having to call you, but in case of an emergency, it's always a good idea to be prepared.

Are you ready to find out more about house washing preparation tips? Call us today and speak with one of our representatives to see what we can do for you.

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